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20 Years Experience in ALL Brands of Air Conditioning or Heating Equipment

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Q: Are you registered with the BBB?
A: No. Please watch the video and you should understand why.

Q: How much will it cost to repair my air conditioner or furnace?

A: Repair costs vary depending on what is wrong as well as the age of your system, but to help home owners with cost concerns we can
set up a payment plan for as low as:
$10 A MONTH*
*Monthly payment amount depends on actual repair costs and payment plan chosen. This repair cost example portrayed above is typical for HVAC systems between 8-10 years old. With Approved Application. Payment plans can be determined in home in minutes. Some restrictions or limitations may apply in some cases. Call for details.
Further understanding: I am in the business of "fixing" air conditioners and heating systems. Due to my 20+ years of experience I know what works and what doesn't. You as well as me are on this planet for a limited amount of time. For this reason time is more valuable than money, I am not in the business of "playing around" with an air conditioning system. They are 15 year appliances (National Average). Additionally, I am one man running a company with literally hundreds of customers... yet somehow I am able to do it all myself? Myth: there is more than one Ray Austin :Myth

Q: What is the easiest way to contact you for service?

A: If you are viewing this page from a smart phone you can just TAP the image below and then press send.


Q: What is the Best Air Conditioner?

A: I get this all the time and this question is harder to answer than you may think. Contrary to popular belief is that one brand is some how better than another, when all brands have multiple models, no two houses are alike due to differences in Air conditioning and heating system design. To take this a step further please watch the video and read the text by clicking this link "What is the best Air Conditioner?"
Anyone can work on or install an air conditioner, but that doesn't mean they should.

Q: What is the difference between an AC Technician and a Licensed HVAC Contractor?

A: The biggest difference is experience and know how. You may have come across what is referred as a Licensed Technician. In the state of Texas there is no such thing as a licensed Technician, they are just merely registered with the state as a way of doing criminal background checks that was determined that many companies were not doing appropriately. This has nothing to do with licensing in any fashion. In order for a technician to legally work on air conditioning or heating equipment in the state of Texas they must be registered with the state AND perform the work under the supervision of a licensed HVAC contractor that must hold a Texas HVAC license.
There are also Technicians known as "Certified" this only means they successfully passed a third party testing program such as NATE and share those credentials at the time they register with the state of Texas. Other certification credentials the technician should hold is EPA refrigerant certification commonly referred to as Section 608 certification.
I discuss this further in the video below as well as give you some hard proof as to what I am sharing with you here.

In order to become a licensed HVAC contractor in the state of Texas is no easy task. First you must have a minimum of 4 years verifiable experience as well as a licensed HVAC contractor that backs this up. Then you must pass a 100 question timed open book test that covers multiple books of reference one of which is the size of a large telephone book. The questions do not tell you which book to look for the answer. You have merely 90 seconds per question and you must score a 70 or higher to pass, then you must provide proof of liability insurance, before the license is submitted.
When purchasing new HVAC equipment the serial numbers of that equipment are tied to the name of the customer and the license number of the installing HVAC contractor. Without an HVAC license number, the manufacturer will void the equipment warranty. Purchasing AC equipment over the internet isn't wise and will most likely cost you more than had you just had it installed the right way the first time. 
I am a Texas licensed HVAC contractor, Universally EPA certified to handle any refrigerant as well as NATE certified in HVAC Installations and HVAC Repairs.
NOTE: Many licensed HVAC contractors do not make house calls. Contrary to popular belief there is only one Ray Austin. You might not like what I have to say, but you wouldn't want me to dilute the truth would you? I can give you options and explain those to you so you can make a wise decision suitable to you and your needs. The other option is gimmick chasing more or less... your mileage may vary.

Q: What is a FAQ?

A: FAQ is an acronym for "frequently asked questions."

Q: What is a Gimmick?

A: A gimmick is a "trick" designed to get attention and more business by promising the world and delivering little to nothing in return.
I don't sell gimmicks. There are costs to running a legitimate business. I would rather tell it like it is up front than to make excuses later. I have installed countless pieces of equipment with no return calls since. I think that speaks for itself. My current return calls stats for ac equipment related problems are less than 1%. Maintenance related calls for new equipment installations average less than 20% and falling.
Don't forget about service after the sale. There is no such thing as an air conditioner that never breaks down. National average for HVAC replacement is about 15 years.

Q: What is HVAC?
A: HVAC is an acronym for "Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning."

Q: What is SEER?
A: SEER is an acronym for "Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio." This term refers to the rated efficiency of the unit. The higher the number the more efficient the unit is, meaning the less you will pay on your light bill the higher the efficiency. Similar to miles per gallon a car achieves.
However, there are other factors that determine how low or high your light bill will be. Just having a high rated energy efficient unit will not do much if your current system has other engergy draining problems.

Q: What
is the difference between a system check and system tune up?
A: A system check is looking for potential problems in the system that could cause a system malfunction or break down. A system tune up includes a system check as well as some system cleaning.

Q: I have a "Freon" R-22 based A/C system can I still get freon?
A: Yes, While "Freon" R-22 based systems are being phased out Freon is still obtainable but at now a much higher cost which can fluctuate wildly. Most manufacturers plan to eliminate new systems using Freon in 2015, currently these are considered "dry" units. The price of Freon (R-22) is expected to climb substantially in cost in the very near future. If many people continue to use R22 Freon based equipment there could be shortages and lack of availability at any price. Currently it is estimated that the residential air conditioning market has upwards of 85% or more of systems that still use R22 Freon as the refrigerant of the system. If this doesn't change soon shortages of R22 Freon are very likely.
The 2016 Freon Phase Out & Production Ban chart directly below this text shows a graphical illustration depicting the number of pounds allowed for production of R22 Freon as of March 2016. Make plans now to convert your system to the newer R410a Puron or at the minimum repair your R22 Freon Leak(s). R22 Freon production ban chart up dated September 2016.
The chart below gives a current phase out time line and production caps for R22 as of 2015:
 Below this point is the history of this R22 Freon Phase Out from years past
(Update March - 2014) EPA mandated allocation (production) schedule for R-22 Freon in time line picture below. Shortages could be right around the corner. I can help you transition to a new refrigerant. Call Us Today  832.475.6895
(Update January - 2012)
The pinch is on: R-22 Freon looks to run into possible shortages this year. Much is unknown currently and listing fact over fiction will only be in hindsight after the obvious occurs. If you have an R22 Freon based unit be sure to get it checked early in the season and fix all refrigerant leaks at that time. Remember this only effects you if you have a refrigerant leak(s) or develop one. Stay on top of it by checking that equipment early in the season.
(Update January - 2011)
R-22 based equipment that are being shipped "dry" as of late 2010 and early 2011 are lower grade units due to the fact that they only have limited warranty coverage of 5 years on parts. They are being shipped dry to circumvent the ruling that made the production of them illegal by the EPA.
AHRI which is Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute, is the body that tests and rates air conditioning equipment. They have decided to no longer rate R22 based equipment after the EPA imposed deadline on such equipment.
As of January 1, 2006 all air conditioning equipment must be 13 SEER or greater. By purchasing a dry shipped condenser there is no way you will know the equipment is of the required rated efficiency.

Q: If I can't get a Freon based unit what other choice do I have?
A: The new replacement refrigerant is R-410a or Puron. However, it is not a drop in replacement. You must replace the equipment in order to change over to this type of system as older systems are not compatible.
There is no requirement for the home owner or business owner to switch over to this new refrigerant, provided of course your R-22 equipment can be repaired. If not it might be to your advantage to switch over. It is complicated and every situation is different. Schedule an appointment and we can come up with a solution for you. 832.475.6895
Q: Should I convert my R22 Freon air conditioning system to MO99 (R438a)?
A: My recommendation is NO. MO99 will in most cases void your compressor warranty up to and including speeding the demise of your air conditioning system. For additional information read my 2014 update to "R22 VS R410a Facts" link provided below.
Q: I have had a R22 freon or R410a puron leak for awhile now what should I do?
A: The short answer is no one knows currently what the EPA will do from one year to the next as these decisions won't fully develop until summer time. Shortages are very possible so the price will skyrocket because demand could outstrip supply. This is an evolving story and no one knows for sure what will happen. Remember this only effects you if you have a refrigerant  leak. The days of topping off an air conditioning system refrigerant charge are going away get prepared now. If you do this practice every year of recharging your air conditioning system you'll be in for a rude awakening possibly as early as this summer.
The good news is we specialize in finding and repairing R22 freon or R410a puron leaks. If you currently have an older R22 Freon  A/C system you should start planning to make the switch over to an R410a Puron A/C system as this is the replacement refrigerant for when R22 Freon is completely phased out. This process didn't just happen over night, we have known for over 20 years that R22 freon would eventually be phased out and R410a puron has been on the market for nearly 15 years now. We are air conditioning specialists and certified in using, servicing, repairing any refrigerant. Call us today 832.475.6895.
Don't be confused... to change over to R410a Puron requires equipment replacement. While drop in refrigerant replacements exist for R22 Freon no manufacturer will back a warranty on an R22 system that has been converted to use a drop-in refrigerant. Plus you will lose efficiency by using a drop in refrigerant and complicate further repair processes.

Q: I am looking to buy a house, should I have the A/C and heating checked before I buy?
A: If you hire an inspector they will check for various things associated with the HVAC system of the house. However, the inspector is not a specialized person. Their knowledge of such systems is very limited. A house is one of the biggest investments in your lifetime, to make it a good experience it is in your best interest to hire a trusted HVAC professional to represent you.

Q: I bought a house that came with a home warranty. So the HVAC system is covered should I have any problems right?
A: It is and it isn't. You have to realize the home warranty company providing coverage is in the business of collecting premiums. If they pay out more than they take in, they cease to exist. They typically write these home warranty policies site unseen. In other words they don't inspect the equipment prior to writing the policy, but put limitations into the contract so they can deny the claim for a long list of reasons that vary from one home warranty to another. Do you see a problem with that?
Denials usually comes from a policy that has been inforce for only a short amount of time, preexisting condition, lack of system maintenance or uncovered repair due to a host of various conditions and factors. 
The idea of getting a new unit installed for $55-75 is very compelling but rarely the case. They don't tell you about duct work modification, equipment haul off, code upgrades and the dreaded denials. By the time you figure in over paying on your utility bill and all the home warranty premiums and the little extra charges here and there and waiting for repair people to show up, it's often better with less frustration to hire a reliable HVAC professional. Money can be remade, time can not. You as well as I are on this planet for a set amount of time... don't let someone swindle you out of it for a flashy gimmick.

Q: Do you do service work for home warranty companies?
A: No. But I work with customers all the time who can’t get their home warranty company to do anything. The term for what I am is Retail Heating and Cooling Service Contractor (HVAC). You are responsible for any charges I deem appropriate for the work required and I inform you of whatever these charges are up front. You always have the choice and options of what you want me to do for you. (There are limitations if the equipment in question is no longer manufactured.) If you are able to get your home warranty company to reimburse you for any expenses that is up to you to do on your own, typically after the repair(s) are made to your system.
Any repairs or replacements to your HVAC system are backed by my own guarantees or warranties and have nothing to do with a home warranty. We can make your home warranty obsolete for your heating and cooling systems when you hire us to install a new heating and cooling system as some of the brands we install include a parts and labor warranty and in some cases a replacement warranty. Typically the energy savings alone will pay for the equipment over the life of the equipment. For the level of service and overall satisfaction with new equipment it significantly reduces the frustration associated with home warranties and the constant break and repair cycle often associated with them.
A Home Warranty Company is considered a 3rd party, because any repairs must be approved by them and in most cases the repairs they suggest or allow to be made are in my opinion the least satisfactory. My 3rd party work is typically limited to tenant and landlord based work in which we are hired by the landlord. If your property is located within our service area you can call for clarification. 832.475.6895

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, licensed and insured. The insurance card is available upon request.

Q: What is the fastest way to contact you for service?
A: The fastest way in most cases is via phone at 832.475.6895 However, another good way is to schedule your service via our on line form. Just click the button below and fill out the information in the spaces provided. Someone from the office will call you back to confirm your appointment.
Privacy Policy: We do not sell any information to third parties. From time to time we may send news letters designed to keep you informed of pertinent changes in regards to the heating and cooling industry as well as special offers. You always have the option to opt out of receiving such information all you have to do is request it. The information you provide us is only used to give you the best service possible.

Q: What can I do to avoid costly air conditioning repairs or replacement?
A: It's clear that your Heating and Air Conditioning system(s) in your home are some of the biggest expenses associated with owning and maintaining a home either in the form of high energy bills or what seems like constant repairs to an existing ac system. To get the most life out of them it is recommended that you service each piece at least once a season. This service should include some form of cleaning in most cases or at least develop a plan of action based on equipment usage patterns.
                              I use special chemicals designed to get to the most stubborn dirt and remove it without harming the equipment. It's also biodegradable.
Over time things deteriorate and wear out, insulation in the attic sinks or falls or wasn't insulated right in the first place. Rodents get in the attic and chew parts and in some cases eat through duct work. This duct work is what supplies the air you breathe.
The drain pan pictured above is approaching rust through status. This can lead to water damage and ceiling cave ins.
Air Conditioning inspections and maintenance service programs are designed to catch problems before catastrophe strikes. Fixing any issues found costs more than just the maintenance service alone. The picture above shows an air conditioning condensate pan that without proper replacement can cost up to $1000 in water damage or more. It is always cheaper to repair a system early. If you take the approach of: "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." This mentality can wind up costing you more in the long run when dealing with air conditioning and heating systems. Did you know that given our humidity levels in the Katy, Texas and Cypress, Texas areas that a typical air conditioning system can generate up to 5 gallons of condensate water an hour when the air conditioner is running?
If you don't fix any issues found, what would be the point of an inspection or maintenance service? Certainly there is a fine line from doing what is necessary versus what is not necessary. I can discuss your options in person and come up with a plan of action to suit your needs.
What you can do... first and foremost sign up for an annual maintenance plan. There are many benefits to annual maintenance because it is a planned event that means you are less likely to forget to get it done, because I will call you and remind you that it is time. It includes most common cleaning that is required to keep your system(s) in peak working condition as well as many other benefits that over time can pay for the plan when you use it to it's full advantage.
Secondly, change your system filters on a monthly basis for any 1" thick filter. In the Houston area we run our systems for 2200 hours a year on average. On a mileage basis at a mere 30 miles per hour times 2200 hours is equivalent to 66,000 miles per year! I think this explains the point.
Third, note any problems or concerns you have with your air conditioning and heating system. Many times a system will give clues before a complete failure. Sometimes these clues are intermittent. By being proactive and communicative with my service you will have a much better experience.
I also offer a 1 time air conditioning or heating check. This service is designed for systems that are up to 5 years old. You can use this service for any age of system but typically older systems require a more thorough check. The 1 time ac check or heating check requires you to call me and doesn't include additional benefits of what the annual maintenance contract provides. This 1 time service also provides you a way to try me out without any long term commitment.
By fixing and repairing things that are showing wear you reduce your costs and the chances of further break downs and the heating and cooling equipment runs better and at the highest efficiency that it is capable of.
In addition to these things I "get to know" your equipment personally. When you have someone "in the know" and you develop a problem it can be much easier to find the solution in most cases. You build a service record with notes of things that pertain to your house and your systems and makes it much easier to stay on top of it.
If it saves you time, that's not the only thing it is saving you. We are here to help you, call us today.      

Q: Do you have a question that needs an answer?
A: I am happy to answer any of my customers questions in person. I have received calls from all over the nation. I really appreciate the interest but I have to put limits on this due to time constraints and servicing the needs of my paying customers. Air conditioning and heating system repairs or replacements are highly technical that require visual inspection. I can not, nor will I attempt to properly diagnose a system over the phone. Anyone can guess. I am not ANYONE, I am a professional HVAC Contractor. There is a reason why I only do it right. Due to system design, installation methods, deterioration of dwelling, etc. there is no other way to properly diagnose a problem or recommend one installation over another without visual inspection of the property in question. These words are meant to inform you to the challenges of attempting to do such things over the phone without visual representation. I hope this makes sense to you.
If your property is outside my service area my suggestion is that you find a local Licensed HVAC Contractor within the area in which you live. You can always use the information on this site to compare to any information you receive from a local contractor. If you are a HVAC technician or installer, I recommend that you contact your manager, boss or the manufacturer of the equipment you are attempting to work on or install. 
Thank you for visiting with us. I hope the information on this site is beneficial to you. If you are in the Katy, Texas | Cypress, Texas | Jersey Village, Texas | Richmond, Texas and some surrounding areas you can give us a call @: