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20 Years Experience in ALL Brands of Air Conditioning or Heating Equipment

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AC Repair Katy, Texas
The video below describes some of the challenges in running an HVAC company to give you better insight into why you should choose 
your comfort provider very carefully. This business is highly competitive, but this doesn't lessen the risk involved in running this type of business. Worse yet this risk can be passed off onto you due to incompetence of the company or those that represent that company that you choose as your air conditioning service provider in Katy Texas. You may not realize you have been effected this way for a few days, a few weeks or even several years later.
My company statistics are no where near what I thought my biggest problem would be before I started my company many years ago. Most of this stemmed from the fact that most HVAC companies have warranty rates at 25-30%. To understand this a warranty call is more or less unbillable hours that puts extra pressure on overall over head costs of a company. Because I do the work, I have better quality control and far fewer warranty problems than that of the national average for an HVAC company. If you like HVAC horror stories just look for complaints of any HVAC brand. These paint some pretty dire pictures. If you can't count on an HVAC brand then what?
My own company warranty rates tell me one BIG thing: The more I do for you, the less likely it is that you will call me back for additional services until many years later. You see the national average life of air conditioning equipment is 15 years. In order for any company to be successful it needs repeat customers or a steady flow of new customers.
As an example I have customers that have used me years ago to replace equipment call me up to use me again to replace or repair different systems within their house. Age of equipment typically decides the likelihood of a break down although age isn't always what decides. To find out what 100's of your neighbors already know... you have to call me. Thank you for visiting. I hope your day is comfortable. ~Ray Austin
Katy, Texas Air Conditioning Repair, Service & Installations
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Austin Air Companie offers same day service. I am a licensed HVAC contractor offering full Air Conditioning and Heating services to local home owners.  For that great Austin Air feeling give me a call today.
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