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Is Your Home Uncomfortable? I Can Help.

20 Years Experience in ALL Brands of Air Conditioning or Heating Equipment

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Customer Testimonials
"The 16 seer system is keeping us very comfortable. Thank you"
Scott T.
~Sugarland 77478
"You were right! 72 degrees is too cold for this amazing new technology. Very comfortable now at 78 degrees like you said."
(Made possible with dehumidification)  
"I am really glad I signed up on your Maintenance Contract!"
Bob S.
~Houston 77095
"I learned more about Air Conditioning since your first visit to my home than I ever have before."
Stephanie D.
~Katy 77450
"Waiting for 4 days for A/C repair in this heat is just plain wrong! Austin Air got me going in under 2 hrs. Thanks so much!"
Tracy T.
"WOW! You are FAST!"
Doug B.
~Houston 77095
"You are killing the competition when you call when you say you will call and show up when you say you will show up. Your card has a permanent place in my personal rolodex."
Chris B.
~Houston 77084
"My husband was really impressed by you."
Tami P.
~Katy 77449
"You do good quality work and you have me stumped because this new unit you put in works much better than my last unit ever did."
Bob S.
~Houston 77095
"Over Easter weekend I expected to leave you a voice mail. Surprised we got service in under 2 hours."
Bobby R.
~Houston 77095
"I just found my A/C company."
Nina W.
~Richmond 77407
"I can't believe the problems I've had with an A/C that is only a few years old. Thank you for the insight, I'll use you again."
Nicole B.
~Houston 77084
"We live in a house that is 30 years old and no one has ever really told us what we need to do to correct the problems we are having until now. Thank you."
Mandi M.
~Houston 77084
"Thank you for the prompt service."
Mattheiu R.
~Houston 77084
"Was very courteous. Appreciate the honesty to repair A/C, without costing more than necessary. Will call / use again."
Cindy M.
~Katy 77450
"It's unique how you have pricing laid out in a book that shows me what I pay for doing different tasks. In the past I was just quoted a price by word of mouth or scribbled on a piece of paper... this difference gives me more confidence and describes better what I am paying for. Thank you."
Les H.
~Katy 77450
"Wow, what great fast service! It's been a pleasure."
Rosemary M.
"I just love how you can set an appointment straight from the website. It's very convenient."
Ken M.
~Richmond 77407
"The system you put in is just so QUIET. I can't believe it. No more noise of a jet engine landing in our living room every time the A/C comes on. Thank You!"
Adrian L.
~Houston 77079
"You did everything you said you would when you said you would do it. I'm impressed with your level of service. In fact it's the only reason I asked you for a business card."
Chuck G.
~Cypress 77433
"OK, that was really fast service. Thank you!"
Ursula S.
~Katy 77494
"We waited 4 days for our other A/C company to show up only to find out they don't work on our type of Air Conditioning system. We called Austin Air Co on a Saturday evening. We were a little hesitant at first and almost cancelled the call, but Ray convinced us over the phone that he wouldn't leave us without Air Conditioning. So we once again agreed to have him come over. We are so happy to say we have Air Conditioning again and it only took about 3 hours from the time of placing the call with Austin Air Co. Thank you so much for the fast service. We'll call you the next time we have any problems with our HVAC system.
Jason & Cindie Y.
~Houston 77095
"You are wonderful! Thank you so much for all the detailed help and information! I'll definitely keep you in my for future HVAC needs!!!" 
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Tracy P.
~Houston 77095
I listen to every word the customer has to say about Austin Air. This company has a name that stands for quality, integrity, honesty and prompt dependable SERVICE. I will never promote anything but the best in satisfaction, workmanship and quality of service regardless of your budget.
You have my word on that.
Ray Austin
Austin Air Co.
Those words were spoken years ago... it's 2016 now. 2015 was very hot and Austin Air broke records in the number of homes I serviced all while keeping warranty (reduced rate or no rate) calls at less than 2%. This is important for a number of reasons. It gives you better service with less hassle if I fix it the first time. Certainly I am not perfect, I can make a mistake just as much as anyone else. I am a one man operation, so the more mistakes I make would prevent me from servicing the needs of my customers as efficiently and quickly as I often do. This business is not easy, even though I make it seem that way. Many of you put your faith in me last year sight unseen. Thank you for giving me that opportunity to prove yet again what so many others out there already know.  
There has never been a better time in the history of HVAC systems to replace that old air conditioner. Please choose your HVAC contractor wisely.
~Ray Austin
The section to the left and below are exerpts to what I've been hearing. 
  I strive to make your experience even better!
       I have plenty of room left for
            what you will have to say.
"We are continually impressed with your level of service and promptness to solve our air conditioning troubles. After only a couple of booked visits to our home it has gotten so redicuously simple to request service with your company and the response time in our experience has been awesome to say the least. We have never gotten this kind of service anywhere.  Austin Air Companie sets the service bar very high. It's simply awesome!"
Will & Stacy L.
~Houston 77084
"My husband simply will not use anyone else for our home air conditioning and heating system. We know that you've told us that are experiences are very unique due to several circumstances beyond our control, but since we first started using Austin Air Companie a couple of years ago we started to see incremental progress in the reduction of our utility bill. After the additional changes made in 2012 our utility bill has dropped around $300 a month in the summer months. My husband is an engineer so this says alot when he chooses a company to do business with.
Thank you so much!"
Daniel & Rebecca W.
~Sugarland 77478
"It's only been 5 minutes and Austin Air Co. already knows what is wrong with it." --- a small snippet of Judy F.'s blow by blow account to her husband over the phone.
Judy F.
~Katy 77450
"Thank you so much for the prompt Friday night air conditioning service. It's really great to be able to pick up the phone and call someone with your expertise and knowledge. Great service, thanks again."
Brian S.
~Houston 77095
"My Air conditioner stopped working on the morning of June 16, 2013.... father's day. I called 9 other companies for an air conditioning repair before I called Austin Air Co. none of the other companies could come out. Austin Air Companie is my AC HERO! Thank you so much for the best air conditioning repair service any where!"
Tricia M.
~Houston 77095
"OK, I confess I actually called another company after I called you because I didn't believe you could get here as fast as you said you could. BUT... now I am a believer. Thank you, thank you!"
Tina S.
~Houston 77095
"Our clunker died in February we were on balanced billing so we figured our utility bill wouldn't change all that much. It took a full year to see the change and we were surprised to see it drop $170 a month! That's 12 x $170! We hit the jackpot! Thank you!
Sam & Lois F.
~Houston 77084
"Since the final changes and adjustments were made to my new HVAC zoned system I feel like I am living in a brand new house.
Now I can live in the room I want to all year long... THANK YOU!"
Stacy C.
~Houston 77084
"The new unit you put in is at least twice as powerful as the old one. It ROCKS! Thank you."
Jordan P.
~Houston 77084
"I was literally shocked to get ac service so quickly and without being a prior customer of yours. Thank you so much for coming to our home on such short notice. I also liked how you called yourself a comfort specialist... it certainly describes you well."
Lindsay M.
~Houston 77095
"This communicating 2 Speed AC system is AWESOME! After what I've been through the past week I think I am just going to let this place chill out..."
Chris V.
~Katy 77493
"I found you on Nextdoor subdivision website as many of my neighbors have used your service and commented very highly of your AC service, Thank you so much for fixing our AC system so quickly."
Emilee N.
~Katy 77494