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Is Your Home Uncomfortable? I Can Help.

20 Years Experience in ALL Brands of Air Conditioning or Heating Equipment

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About Austin Air Co. : The Katy ~ Cypress Area HVAC Company.

I have been serving the Katy & Cypress, Texas area since 1999 and as of 2016 over 20 years experience in the HVAC/R industry. I believe there is a better way to run an Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Service company. I take great pride in being honest and take an up front approach to solving your comfort needs by informing you of the facts of all the various HVAC equipment whether it be Lennox, Carrier, Trane, American Standard, Ruud, Goodman, Janitrol, Tempstar, Heil, Rheem, Payne, York, Coleman, GE, Frigidaire or any other of the numerous brands on the market.


I am a for profit company dedicated to helping you decide what is the best and appropriate avenue to either repair or replace your HVAC system. I also offer a maintenance program to keep that hard working system of yours in peak operating condition.


The pictures in the slide show to the right in the silverlight carosel show an elaborate example of my work. To give you an idea what I am capable of doing for you. I have installed complete HVAC systems myself. To view the silverlight slide show you need silverlight installed.

get silverlight for free here.



How it works:

If you have a system that is in need of repair I will diagnose the system for you for the amount of the service call. If no parts or materials are needed to fix the system or get it running again then the service call will not be applied and instead a minimum 1 hour labor charge will be applied upon your approval. I will attempt to give you as close to up front pricing as possible not counting the cost of refrigerant if needed. If after the diagnosis you decide to not repair the unit your only cost is the service charge.


If you repair the air conditioning or heating unit at the time of original service, the service fee is waived.


(Maintenance services, checks or inspections are not waived. This is what I do for a living.)


When you decide to use me to repair your unit you will always know the exact cost up front to repair your system (not including refrigerant recharge if necessary.) *Note: refrigerant recharge most often indicates a leak. Merely recharging the system does not fix the leak. Recharging an AC system is old practice and no longer recommended. It is in your best interest to repair the Freon leak.


I believe in honesty, integrity and quality of workmanship and service. Austin Air is a company that believes in offering you comfort solutions that solve your current HVAC problems rather than just selling you a "box". Anyone can sell you a box. The professional will sell you solutions, rather than inflated promises that rarely deliver.


The difference from one brand versus another is usually negligible except for the advertising campaigns of that particular air conditioning brand. Contrary to popular belief, these advertising campaigns cost manufacturer's millions of dollars, these costs are passed down don't kid yourself.


If you are buying a high SEER, multi speed system only then does a major manufacturer come into the equation. All things being equal service after the sale should not be discounted. Your installing contractor is your only link to quality and speed of service. I see numerous so called "good deals" every year that turned out to be not so good after the sale. A manufacturer doesn't make house calls or trouble shoot their own equipment. This falls on the servicing contractor. If you choose a poor one you're left to navigating the mine field of finding another contractor willing to stick their neck out on an install gone bad. Choose carefully --- first.


Any brand will break down, so the difference is in installation methods, techniques, trade secrets employed and service received.


If I can repair any air conditioning or heating brand then what difference does brand really make when they all break?


I am Austin Air, call me and experience the difference today.




Thank you for your business!



TACLB28416E Licensed and Insured




I listen to every word the customer has to say about Austin Air. This company has a name that stands for quality, integrity, honesty and prompt dependable SERVICE. I will never promote anything but the best in satisfaction, workmanship and quality of service regardless of your budget.
You have my word on that.
Ray Austin
Austin Air Co.
We strive to make your experience even better!







Currently our internet service area is focusing on the following zip codes (below) the map above is only a general guideline. We do make exceptions from time to time but for the purpose of internet search we can only guarantee you HVAC service if your location of service is within the following zip code list.


AC Repair 77084 77095 77041 77065 77064 77433 77429 77070 77043 77080 77449 77450 77094 77079 77077 77494  77406  77407  77479  77478  77498  77459





Personal History
Austin Air Co. is a small local family run business devoted to a high ethical standard and honesty and treating people fairly. I started in this industry in 1994 and obtained an AOS degree in HVAC in April of 1996. I have been serving the Katy, Texas area since August of 1999. I am a Texas Licensed HVAC Contractor that does it all. Deal with one person. Why would you want hassles, games and gimmicks when it comes to the comfort in your home?
Certifications as follows:
EPA universal certification in refrigerants 1995
AOS Degree HVAC/R 1996
NATE certified 2007~2012 ID: 2831980
NATE certified 2012~2017 ID: 2831980
Thermal envelope 2006
Air balancing 2007
State of Texas HVAC License TACLB28416E
I specialize in Residential based HVAC systems:
Condensate drain line clogs / repairs and prevention.
Freon leak detection and repairs. (R-22)
Puron leak detection and repairs. (R-410a)
Compressor diagnosis / replacement.
2 Speed Air Conditioning Equipment.
R22 Freon to R410a AC system conversions.
HVAC Equipment configuration and installation.
Repairs on any brand of HVAC equipment.
Multi-Zone system configuration & installation.
Thermal envelope diagnostics and repairs.
Dehumidification Systems
IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)
HVAC Zone systems and Controls
Gas Furnace Repairs and Installations
Heat Pump repairs and installations 
This is what I do for a living:

Air Conditioning and Heating is what I do and I am professional about it. I stay up to date in the latest and greatest technological advances… of which seem to come to market at an ever alarming rate. As utility rates continue to go up and summers become hotter or winters become colder these technologies will become even more important in the near future. 

I am always here to help you with your home comfort needs and help you decide what is the best avenue for your specific needs whether you are wanting a brand new air conditioning unit to reduce your utility bills and save money or just get the HVAC unit running again.  I also offer an HVAC maintenance program with benefits to keep that hard working system of yours in peak operating condition. 



My principle for delivering the best HVAC service possible was to focus on the main ingredient that sets me apart from the rest.




Before the sale and After the sale. Don't get left holding the bag. You will depend on your HVAC contractor to repair your system at some point. It is my opinion that you can not run a service company without it. I know most people will agree. There's one small requirement... you have to call me to get me or sign up on annual maintenance contract. After a few visits to your home the process becomes easier. If the service is inconvenient, hard and laborious why would you want to continue to use it?


To me this is common sense and we think you will agree. Call me TODAY.    832.475.6895


If you are still not convinced yet take a look around the website, view the Air Conditioning Tips section among other areas and get to know me by watching the videos before you call. When you set the appointment it will be me answering the phone. It will be me coming to your home. No one can be me, but me. That is the secret ingredient that separates me from the rest.


As of 2012 there has never been a better time in the history of HVAC systems for the residential market to replace older cooling and heating systems. Make a good one a great one and choose Austin Air Companie.


About Austin Air Companie:


Austin Air Companie is a HVAC contractor owned company. Owned 100% by Ray Austin (no investors). I am under "no pressure" or "any obligation" to recommend, repair, service or install any particular brand or solution to the customers who choose to use my HVAC Services.


( 3rd party interests are mostly bad. They try to dictate things that are better left for you to decide on your own.)


I am a "one man" HVAC contractor serving the entire west side of a major city that likely has over 4 million people. If you want my opinion or service you must pay the service fee and schedule service. My opinion is only given in person in a 'in home visit' to your home.

Service is normally scheduled as 'on demand' service. Calls are run in the order they are received. In most cases and depending on service demand most calls are completed within a few hours of receiving the call.  




If you're tired of the gimmick of the month club and running around in circles maybe it's time for you to make a change. I don't mince words I call it like I see it. I've been doing this for over 20 years. I know what works and what will not. If you can't or won't accept my advice, then I can not help you.


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