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20 Years Experience in ALL Brands of Air Conditioning or Heating Equipment

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There are a multiple of different ways this can effect you and each situation is different. The following examples (below) only describe the most basic of scenarios that I come across in my day to day servicing and repairing of air conditioning and heating equipment. To get all the in's and out's of this topic as it pertains to you and your home is to schedule an appointment. There is simply no way to compose an example that describes everyone's situation. The savings can be dramatic, I have seen it over and over again. The whole point in this is:
If you are paying for a new air conditioning unit anyway in the form of a higher than necessary electric bill and repairs to your current A/C system or your system is not keeping you comfortable, why would you want to keep that old hvac unit that is prone to breaking down at the most inconvenient time or even worse paying for comfort you aren't receiving?
I don't push HVAC equipment replacements as the only option unless it is in my opinion the best feasible solution to avoid wasting repair dollars on a piece of equipment that has seen better days. You have to ask for this service. But when you do ask I will take the time to go over all your options and help you decide what is the best option for you and your family. There is a nominal charge for this service unless you decide to repair or replace your HVAC equipment in that case the fee is waived. To go over all your options fully can take up to 2 hours or more depending on the size of your house and the number of HVAC systems you have. Everyone involved in the decision making process should be present at the time of appointment so that all questions can be answered during that time. Use this time to your full advantage.
How you can save up to $10,000 or more on your Air Conditioning electric bill:
The efficiency standards of air conditioning equipment has greatly increased over the past 5 years. A unit that is only a few years old or older could be robbing you month in and month out.
Each house is different and varies greatly depending on the usage of the equipment and temperature maintained in the dwelling. The following is to serve as an example based on maintaining a single story dwelling that requires 3 tons of cooling. The monthly utility operation costs are based on SEER rating of the equipment, a 0.15 KWH utility rate, and a Temperature set point of 75 degrees Fahrenheit for the Houston, Texas area.
The example takes into consideration a 10 SEER unit a 14 SEER unit and a 16 SEER unit and total ownership costs (not counting installation of the newer units... because each house and dwelling is different or has different issues installation costs can vary.) The primary reason for this exercise is to demonstrate that if your system is older than 5 years you could be paying for a new unit anyway. (Note: Your existing equipment could be operating at worse than a 10 SEER unit efficiency, thus making your savings even greater.)
Existing Equipment
3 Ton 10 SEER Utility cost to operate per month $170.00
months in use X7 (170 x 7 = ) 1190.00
Repair costs per year $600 (average)
Total cost: 1190+600 = $1790.00 x 10 years = $17,900.00
New Equipment
3 Ton 14 SEER Utility cost to operate per month $119.00
months in use X7 (119 x 7 =) 833.00
Repair costs per year $0 (comes with 10 yr parts and labor warranty)
Total cost: $833 x10 years = $8330.00 saves over $9500.00 from unit above.
New Equipment
3 Ton 16 SEER utility cost to operate per month $104.00
months in use X7  (104 x 7 = ) 728.00
Repair costs per year $0 (comes with 10 yr parts and labor warranty)
Total cost: 728 x 10 = $7280.00 saves over $10,600.00 from top 10 SEER unit.
Home Warranty - The unit I have is covered by home warranty.
3 Ton 10 SEER unit Utility cost to operate unit $170.00
months in use X7 (170 x 7=) 1190.00
Repair costs (deductible cost for 3 trips per year) 3 x 75= 225.00
Warranty cost annual $524.00
$1190+225+524 = 1939 x 10 = $19,390.00
14 SEER Unit from above saves you: 19,390 - 8,330 = over $11,000.00
16 SEER Unit from above saves you: 19,390 - 7,280 = over $12,100.00
If you think you might be paying for a new unit that you didn't put in (because you have a clunker) we can show you in person what your savings and payback will be for a professionally installed unit.
We include a free energy audit with our check up service. Your utility company won't complain at all unless you stop paying your bill.
Don't have any money for a new unit? I can finance up to 100% of the job with 4 different payment plans to choose from with your approved credit. I know we have the right plan for you.
Your savings could be more than the payment amount. Imagine an investment that pays you month in and month out without fail all while you stay nice and cool with a brand new HVAC system. Comfort is best when you're not overpaying for it. Schedule your check up today to find out how much we can save you! What do you have to lose? Well, besides that old clunker that keeps breaking down and that crazy utility bill.