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about Austin Air Co

My name is Ray Austin. I started Austin Air Companie nearly 11 years ago. My main focus was and still is to this day to provide the best timely HVAC service & repair available. 

I've garnered a few nicknames along the way... the AC guy, the AC whisperer, The AC guru. 

This website is new as of February 21, 2019 and so it may have this unbearable noobish feel to it for awhile. If anything I have learned after 24 years of being in the HVAC business is that just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it will last forever. 

I believe they call this progress or something? 

Hold on tight, I'll eventually get this place whipped into shape. 

If you need an AC repair and live in or near Katy, Texas call me at 832-475-6895 

In most cases I will have your AC back up within a few hours time. 

I fix Air Conditioners Katy Texas.gif

Frequently asked questions

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