about Austin Air Co

My name is Ray Austin. I started Austin Air Companie nearly 11 years ago. My main focus was and still is to this day to provide the best timely HVAC service & repair available. 

I've garnered a few nicknames along the way... the AC guy, the AC whisperer, The AC guru. 

This website is new as of February 21, 2019 and so it may have this unbearable noobish feel to it for awhile. If anything I have learned after 24 years of being in the HVAC business is that just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it will last forever. 

I believe they call this progress or something? 

Hold on tight, I'll eventually get this place whipped into shape. 

If you need an AC repair and live in or near Katy, Texas call me at 832-475-6895 

In most cases I will have your AC back up within a few hours time. 

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions





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Frequently asked questions

I heard Freon is obsolete so what am I supposed to do I think my AC is low?

Freon is a brand name. R22 is the common refrigerant type associated with this brand name. While it's true that R22 is obsolete, this doesn't mean it's not available currently 2019. The closer we get to 2030, the more likely it will eventually become harder to get not to mention even more costly than it is now. R410a is also often referred to as Freon. Realize I am trained to handle and use refrigerants. This is an 'in person' kind of job. You should feel confident in those you hire to work on your air conditioning system. Otherwise, costly damage to your system could occur. If your system does indeed use R22, I have plans in place to help you switch over to the better alternative.

Do you service the Houston area?

Yes, but only the far west side. Houston is large geographically and so it isn't feasible for a small HVAC company like me to service that large of a geographical area. I've attached a map to this post to clarify this a bit more. If you're still unsure you can always call me at 832-475-6895 for more clarification.

Do you work on plumbing?

No, not at this time. Texas requires licensing for each individual trade. While I can 'theoretically' do plumbing I am not licensed for it. So for this reason it is not worth the risk of losing my HVAC license. In terms of performing repairs to AC condensate, that falls within my license wheel house. But only up to the point in which the AC condensate line connects to your main plumbing drainage system. If you're still unsure you can call me 832-475-6895 for further clarification.

Do you do work for Home Warranty Company?

Currently No. Every home warranty company I have ever done work for has at some point denied their customer for what I deemed should have been a covered repair. Many times the methods they employ just puts you on a constant repair cycle which almost always results in a denial a few years later after which the equipment is in such condition it can not be repaired any further.

I have questions about where I should put my air filter?

HVAC is an in person kind of job and air filtration is an important job that if not addressed appropriately and adequately can lead to major repair expense to unclog the system of dirt that a properly placed filter would prevent. Because there are so many variations and differences in HVAC duct systems it would be impossible to adequately answer this question without seeing the system in person.

Do you service the Austin, Texas area?

No, I am in Katy, Texas. My last name is Austin.

Do you service Katy, Texas | Richmond, Texas | Cypress, Texas?

YES! My last name is Austin. I live in Katy, Texas.