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Austin Air Co services

Air Conditioning Repair.jpg
A/C Repair

I work on and repair all brands, all types of refrigerant including R22 Freon and the newer R410a Freon. While refrigerant is a common problem it's not always needed for every repair. 

Retro Fit Repair to whole HVAC system replacement

Retro fit is merely replacing parts of your system to restore it to work. Because our climate is more severe on one end than the other money can be saved by focusing on what is broken rather than just spending to spend. Every situation is unique. My guidance can help you with this decision. 

Professional Diagnosis

Most competing services use Technicians to diagnose problems, the skill level of these services may be inadequate for the problem(s) you are having with your HVAC system. I am a Texas licensed HVAC Contractor. 

Maintenance Contract

These are scheduled visits to your home to ensure your HVAC system is maintained to it's fullest potential. It negates the thought of procrastination as I will remind you that it's time to have your system serviced. Waiting for the system to break down often leads to higher cost for repair. Realize a maintenance contract is one step above a mere 'check' of the system. 

Furnace Repair.jpg
Furnace Repair

The climate in which we live is more fair weather during our winter season. But should the mercury dip I have the skills required to get you toasty again. 

Plenum Ductwork-sm.jpg
Duct System Design & IAQ

Our climate is mostly composed of flex ducting run in an attic. This type of ducting is not intended to last forever. It breaks down over time including the insulating factor of the duct. In many cases the design of the system could be limiting the performance of your HVAC system. Replacement and redesigning your duct system is often the best solution. 

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