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High Efficiency Air Conditioning Cuts Electric Bill In Half

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

This blog post was updated June 10, 2021 With the addition of embedded video to better explain this subject. (Documents my own personal experience at my home in Katy, Texas I show you my electric bills scroll down and these are also shown in the embedded video) I replaced my single speed 14 SEER AC unit with an Inverter AC in late 2019 at my home in Katy, Texas.

Note: choosing any old AC this kind of performance can not be achieved. Is this for everyone? Not necessarily. Schedule a home energy audit, I can make recommendations from there: each home is different. Energy Audit by me is not free. If you want a gimmick, move along.

Welcome to the #1 Katy, Texas Air Conditioning Blog. This blog post is primarily intended for the greater Katy, Texas area.


My own personal electric bill 2 years ago May 2018, my house is a 1910 square foot home, single story built in 1977 with 1 HVAC system configured to 4 tons of air conditioning.

The larger your home, the more HVAC systems you have, the more it will cost you to operate your AC system. This bill of mine below is one that in which is deemed a high bill. It is not the highest bill. (I will update this Katy, Texas blog as time goes on this year to show my progress.)

The Electric bill above doesn't seem that high does it? May is a warm month for our area the price I paid for electricity in 2018 was moderate with an average rate of 9.2 cents per KWH. Seems like a normal light bill right? I haven't gotten my May electric bill for 2020 yet. But because of smart meter I get updates with estimates of what my light bill is estimated to be... this picture below is May 2020 estimate.

If you look really close to the picture above you will see a price estimate for May 2020 of $59.14!

That is a difference of $87.00 I think you would be surprised to know that my current electric rate is higher than the high bill. I currently pay 10.2 cents per KWH. This is to help you realize that you can reduce your light bill by switching electricity providers but as time goes forward rates go up.

As I said earlier I will update this blog with my results compared to what I paid in 2018. I may use 2019 as well but I paid a higher rate in 2019 and so that skews the results even more in my favor. (I am trying to be fair... this isn't a gimmick.)

Check back often, probably towards the middle to the end of the month.

Updates to this blog post will be posted below as they become available

May 2020 compared to May 2018 current savings better than 50%!

June 2020 compared to June 2018 The results have shifted down a shade but still a reduction of 50%. I love opening the power bill every month. It's like hitting the jack pot once a month...

The Barn Burner Month: It's been HOT! So this month is really a great example of the performance of this machine. Savings rate climbing back above 50%! Awesome to say the least... July 2020 electric bill compared to July 2018:

Thanks for visiting with me today, I hope your day is crisp and comfortable.

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