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Air Conditioning Maintenance

You turn on your air conditioner for the first time this year and maybe it dawns on you that you haven't had your AC system checked in a long while or maybe you are one of the very few that actually take the time to get your air conditioner maintenance done annually.

You live in Katy, Texas and the last thing you want is to experience the brutal summer heat without air conditioning. Maybe your HVAC system is making odd noises or you just want peace of mind to see if it might need some cleaning, check Freon levels and have that AC condensate drain checked.

AC Myths Exposed

Maybe you saw some attractive AC maintenance offers, and naturally because you're human you like to save money and like a bug to a bug zapper you find a price of less than $49 maybe as low as $29. Wow! you're going to save so much money.

Not so fast. I'm here to expose this myth for what it is. I'll do it one better I demonstrate it in the video embedded below this text toward the end of the video that shows it is impossible for an "honest" company to make a profit at such low AC maintenance price points.

Why do HVAC companies offer these low AC check up rates if they can't make a profit?

Quite simply they do it to make the phone ring. Once they come to your home, they will likely attempt to sell you something more and in most cases things you don't need. Like a bug to a bug zapper people fall for these tricks. Because these kinds of ads play on your weakness.

Being in any business is expensive but offering house calls is even worse, these kinds of HVAC companies often think of the short term objective of making the phone ring. They don't look at the long term... when the bills come due and the fall season comes, the call volume drops and they fade from existence. The other side of this is they then take your information and repetitively call you for service. Do you really want to do business with a professional spam operation?

Call Ray, get cool TODAY! Katy, Texas area 832-475-6895

HVAC Maintenance Contracts should be about servicing and maintaining your HVAC Equipment. Over the years in which these contracts have been offered the easiest way to get people to do it is to cut costs of any plan. However, often times the cutting of services leads to improper maintenance or poorly performed maintenance. What's the point of doing it if the maintenance is not performed properly?

If repair service is not available over the weekend? Equipment replacement costs continue to rise, if maintenance is not performed or not performed properly you may be faced with replacing your HVAC system sooner than if you had only maintained it properly.

AC Maintenance
Professional Katy AC Services

I can say this due to hands on experience of taking these sort of calls every year. Please heed my warning.

You see I'm a unique victim of the financial crisis that hit in 2008. Many HVAC companies didn't want HVAC technicians that could "repair", they want those who sell to "replace". So after much work I became a Licensed HVAC contractor serving the Katy, Texas area and started my own HVAC Company. That was 11 years ago, not much has changed since then.

You have to understand what I mean, in some cases replacing your HVAC system is the better option so if you're reading this please be realistic if your HVAC system is over 15 years old the odds are that it has seen better days. I do perform miracles annually, but you still have to be realistic. I can only discuss these options in person when you're willing to pay for fair service. I will need to inspect your AC system to offer recommendations, either to repair your air conditioning system or replace your AC with a newer system using environment friendly R410a refrigerant.

I have the experience and ability of repairing and fixing air conditioning systems as well as replacing them. I also offer Annual Maintenance Contracts to make sure your HVAC system(s) are tuned and maintained to last. By covering your HVAC systems on a maintenance contract, you take the procrastination out of it. I call you when it's time to service your system(s) two times a year. Isn't SERVICE what it's all about?

Call Ray at 832-475-6895 Nearly 80% of the time I can be to your home within 90 minutes of getting the call. You're at the home of BETTER Service.

With that said, the annual maintenance contracts I offer are not forced. I leave that decision to you. I can only reduce your break down risk, I can not prevent it completely. No one can eliminate your AC break down risk. Have you ever witnessed a lightning strike? A power surge? Brown Out?

Lightning Strike
Lightning Strike can damage HVAC system

If you are willing to pay for AC service I am as close to the very best you could hope for, this is what I have done for a living for 24 years now. If you buy a new HVAC system from another HVAC company, will they have the aptitude and knowledge to fix or repair the AC system when it breaks? Service after the sale is rarely thought of beforehand.

Many good HVAC technicians left the HVAC field after the financial crisis in 2008 and have not returned. The AC Maintenance video embedded above shows what I deal with all too often. If you like air conditioning horror stories you'll love it, otherwise it's merely an eye opener made for you to help you understand things more clearly.

The pricing I charge is fair for what I offer, the experience I have and the service quality I deliver 362 days a year. If you settle for anything less you may find yourself at the short end of the proverbial "stick". They give better odds in Las Vegas, if you're a gambler that is.

Even with my exceptional service, great quality standards and service repair methods, service problems can and do develop for a variety of reasons. Currently these AC problems are less than 3% on equipment I have installed myself. It is not uncommon for me to run over a dozen calls a year to find a new customer who has a HVAC unit that is 3 years or less old with a serious problem or AC system failure on an HVAC system installed by a different company. Why do you suppose they are calling me? If I were to make a movie on it the title might be something like "No Way Out".

I have installed hundreds of pieces of AC and heating equipment over the past 11 years. Many of these installations I have not been back to since, even for a maintenance check. The equipment failures I have seen from equipment I have installed is very low. Most years less than 3% of equipment installed by me has an equipment failure. Most often if there is a failure it's due to a lack of 'proper' maintenance.

Avoid Air Conditioning Maintenance Procrastination

Maintenance Service Contracts are merely planned events to check equipment to 'minimize' failure of the equipment. You could do everything right and still suffer a failure. But these failures are much less likely with equipment maintenance performed regularly.

Also please remember air conditioning maintenance is only recommended if it is done right. If pricing isn't fair a HVAC company has to make up this shortfall some where, usually by selling you things you do not need. ( I explain this quite well in the AC maintenance video embedded above, if you haven't already watched it.)

You're at the home of Better. Thank you for visiting with me today, on The #1 Katy, Texas AC Blog. I hope your day is comfortable.

About the author of #1 Katy, Texas AC blog:

My name is Ray Austin. I am the owner and operator of Austin Air Companie, a professional HVAC Service Company serving Katy, Texas | Cypress, Texas and some surrounding areas. I am a Texas Licensed HVAC Contractor with 24 years experience in Air Conditioning and Heating Systems. I hold an AOS degree in HVAC/R, EPA universally certified to handle any refrigerant and NATE certified in HVAC installations and repairs.

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