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Katy, Texas is a great place to call home. Nice schools, nice neighborhoods and low crime makes this area a nice place to buy a home. Is that HVAC system in this home really working? A home inspection report rarely divulges the important aspects of an HVAC system. Make sure you know what you are buying and have those HVAC systems inspected by a Texas Licensed Contractor.

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Buying a home is a daunting challenge from knowing your price range you can afford then viewing homes and ultimately deciding on home(s) to make offer(s) on. I am in Katy, Texas homes all summer long. I can point out short comings in any HVAC design.

System Design is often not thought of when purchasing HVAC equipment. Design can make or break a HVAC systems performance on those really hot days. Design can also make or break HVAC system during mild temperature days as well. This is why you hire a pro. Why waste money with someone who doesn't know? Or worse gamble and wait until after you own the home and have a comfort nightmare on your hands?

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Once you are to the phase of buying the home, the leg work begins in hiring an inspector to look for problems. If the home inspector finds problems, then it is up to you to find specialists in that given area of expertise. Home inspectors mostly look for potential problems, but lack the expertise that a HVAC specialist has.

You're spending money for this home you are buying so you want to be sure that after you move in you don't have a bunch of HVAC problems or a lot of unplanned expenses that pop up. Realize even if you are buying a new home, it's not a bad idea to have the systems of that home specially inspected to check for potential problems. It's not uncommon for me to make visits to new homes less than 3 years old with problems. Nothing is immune to having problems, especially if it is something of a mechanical nature. Remember that builders build, typically after a year the home is built they are on to the next building to build some more.

Are you selling a home with a dead Air Conditioning Unit? I can help you!

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This building mentality of a builder is a reason to not use them as the installing contractor after the home has been built. As soon as a year after the install of the product you are buying they are gone. A builder is not a 'servicer'. It is out of their wheel house to be a true 'Servicer'.

I am a HVAC servicer and fixer. I repair home heating and cooling problems. In some cases these are design issues and in others it is just wear and tear related failures or simply maintenance neglect.

Katy, Texas is probably better known for hot sticky summers than cold winters. So making sure those Air Conditioning systems are functioning properly and in good working order is always recommended.

It's not uncommon for existing homes to be sold with a home warranty that offer "some" limited protection in most cases for these kinds of things, but home warranty denials can wreck that plan. Also most home warranty companies employ less skilled techs (these are often called entry level positions). There are 3 entities in a home warranty company arrangement. The home warranty that issues the plan, the servicer that they send, and you the home owner. The home warranty that issues the plan is who makes most of the money. This is why you will typically only find less skilled techs that come to your home under this arrangement.

Appointment windows with home warranty companies are wide, you may sit for an extended period of time waiting for the home warranty provided company to show up. Service under this arrangement is not likely to be that great, if you could even call it that. An air conditioner always breaks at the worst possible time.

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

I run air conditioning service everyday. There aren't many companies that measure up to this standard. I service Katy | Cypress | Richmond, Texas areas. Typically 80% of the time I can be to your door within 90 minutes of you calling me. Not a window that I pick that is convenient for me.

Call Ray Austin @ 832-475-6895 The home of better AC service.

A home purchase is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your life time. Do your best to inform yourself of what it is you are actually buying, before you buy it. Remember that anything can be fixed, but you have to want to fix it. This is also to help you understand the type of HVAC system the home has that you are buying. Make that new home a great one. Remember all HVAC brands break regardless of age.

Because HVAC system replacement costs are heavy the HVAC system is rarely replaced in older homes that are for sale. If you don't inspect that system you open yourself up to a lot of expense. So this situation is completely different if you are buying a new home. But even with a new home purchase it's not a bad idea to get that HVAC system inspected by a pro before the first year is up.

Thanks for visiting with me today, I hope your day is comfortable.

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