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Katy Texas AC Repair Contractor Saves The Weekend

It was like any other weekend of the past 12 years or so that I've run my own HVAC service company. You see because I run all the service calls, answer the phone the process becomes rather redundant. I do what I do without much thought. This weekend after all is anything but usual as we are in the midst of a pandemic. While I don't view this as anything different, I know many questions float around as to who you should or shouldn't let in your door. The other thing unusual about this particular weekend was that it was very hot. We were hitting triple digits with heat index approaching 110F. We often have these bouts of these kinds of heat waves at various times thru various summers, some summers are hotter than others for sure. Often times these kinds of stories go unreported. Because as with is often the case there is no real way to verify the story. I could just make the words up to whatever I want to say here. It is me Ray Austin writing my own blog. I don't hire people to say things for me.

Changes things when customers actually post reviews... wouldn't you agree? I am a hands on guy. Either I do it or it doesn't get done, or you hire someone else to do it. These days there's more danger in that as well. Anyone can do this kind of work, but that doesn't mean they should. If you don't understand that comment some day soon you probably will. (I have been doing this for longer than some of you have been alive.) Back when I was a kid they called this wisdom.

So the story starts this way: Around 3 pm last Sunday July 12, 2020 the phone rang with someone on the other end claiming their AC wasn't working and the temperature inside had been going up all afternoon. The caller wanted to know if I could come out today (Sunday) after determining approximately where they were in Katy, Texas I told them I would be there within an hour or so.

Realize at this point this is nothing unusual for me. I have run service calls like this for over 12 years operating my HVAC service company (Austin Air Companie in Katy, Texas). Yes, even on a Sunday. I arrive at the home owners home shortly before 4pm. After checking the system I determined a minor problem and the system was put back in service within minutes after arriving. Things like this aren't always this simple and easy. This is another reason why stories like this are often not told. Because the cost to repair the system is much higher than what someone thinks is reasonable and fair.

Realize it has to be fair to me as much as it is to you. Otherwise you dial my number and you get a recording saying the number has been disconnected. Service is a two way street. I can tell you countless other stories where I fixed the unit for a time but I ended up going back to replace the system or part of it. It's mechanical equipment in a hot climate. It will break again, it's the nature of the business.

It's not always an inexpensive fix. You want the whole truth, or just part of it? This coil above just a shade over 3 years old. While I illustrate the brand in that photo... all brands can suffer from this problem. Don't kid yourself thinking one brand is better than another in a hot climate we live in.

Other stories where someone called me out in the evening I was able to do a major refrigerant repair on the spot. If I weren't able to perform such things do you honestly think I could call myself an AC repair man serving the Katy, Texas area?

Does this mean I can always repair the AC system? No, unfortunately not. In some cases it is not worth repairing. In other cases the previous person or persons that worked on it may have damaged it, it may have been bought on line or some other illegal run around to get out of doing things properly. You can't expect me to fix that machine when I don't know what's been done to it, let alone what hasn't been done to it. Example the unit is 2 years or less old recently installed by someone else. How am I supposed to know that it was even installed right to begin with?

If I make a repair to that machine and it doesn't work, now you are going to claim I didn't fix it, made it worse. I was the last one to touch it. The contractor always gets the blame. This is why there are a good number of jobs I walk away from. It's either that or you buy new equipment from me. I will stand behind that. I will not stand behind a machine installed by someone else. This post is the definition of what a 'PRO' is. They are considered a pro because of what? You have many choices in whom you choose to work on your HVAC system(s) at your home. Hopefully you're committed to making wise decisions. I can't be all things to all people. Money often forces you to make bad decisions. There is nothing I can write here to change that fact.

Thanks for visiting with me today. This is the home of better AC service. When I say service, I actually mean it.

About the author of this blog:

My name is Ray Austin. I am the owner and operator of Austin Air Companie, a Ray Austin HVAC Service Company serving Katy, Texas | Cypress, Texas | Richmond, Texas and some surrounding areas. I am a Texas Licensed HVAC Contractor with over 25 years experience in Air Conditioning and Heating Systems. I hold an AOS degree in HVAC/R, EPA universally certified to handle any refrigerant and NATE certified in HVAC installations and repairs. I also own and operate a real estate rental business. It is not likely there is any HVAC company truly like me.

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