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My AC Is Making Weird Noises

The Katy, Texas area climate is challenged with a constant flow of heat and because of that we run our air conditioner's a lot to keep our homes cool and comfortable. Over time your AC system may develop noises. These noises your AC system makes may in fact be telling you something.

Ignoring noises your AC unit makes is probably not a good idea. Certainly an air conditioning unit will make some noise while it's running. It won't be completely silent.

It's important to use a pro when it comes to things like this. Most companies will tell you that their techs are licensed, have experience and so on. However, this isn't always the case. I am a Licensed HVAC Contractor with 25 years experience. I will not send a tech to your home, I will come myself.

I embed below a video that shows and extreme example of an AC making loud noise while running. This kind of noise is not normal.

Air Conditioner Noises: How Loud Is LOUD?

Noise is a subjective type thing. This is where experience in such matters is very important. The noise your HVAC system is making while it runs could be related to normal wear and tear or it could also be related to improper repairs and or servicing of the equipment.

It's more important than ever that you use a knowledgeable Licensed AC repair & service contractor for all your home comfort needs.

When it comes to issues with your HVAC system your system must be inspected in person as I also state in the embedded video above. Service or the lack thereof is nearly always the reason why people are looking for a new AC repair company.

I provide AC repair service everyday, including weekends and holidays. Summer time hours 7am to 7pm. The best AC repair service when you need it. Call Austin Air Companie Today! 832~475~6895

Thanks for visiting with me today. As always, I hope your day is comfortable.

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