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My Air Conditioner Does Not Keep Up

Hello and welcome to the #1 Air Conditioning Blog of Katy, Texas. All articles in this AC blog are devoted to the hot and sticky climate of Katy, Texas. Remember your climate can have a huge impact on how your AC operates.

It's not likely for you to know the difference from right and wrong... note the picture above. Issues like this lead to the next posted picture. (AC grave yard) Air conditioners last on the average around 10-12 years here. National average is slightly better at about 15 years. This doesn't mean that once an AC reaches this age it must be replaced. We're talking averages here to give perspective. Sometimes replacement is the better option. An option is a choice.

What does the future hold for your 10-15 year old AC system in a hot and sticky climate? Remember this is based on my experience of nearly 26 years now. (see picture above) A repair may buy a little more time, maybe not. I give you choices. It's your decision to make.

Comfort means different things to different people. Some like it cooler, some like it warmer. I am merely here to give you options. Austin Air Companie is the home of zero gimmicks. I provide solutions that work, my opinion is not free. Plenty of gimmick providers if you want to choose among those. I fix air conditioners, I do not fix people or their perceptions. I am in this business to make a profit. There are costs to run a business. A company 'ANY' Company can cut costs by hiring unskilled people. If that's what you want... move along. You won't find unskilled people posing as professionals here. The person writing this blog, is the person coming to your home... that same person doing the work. I do not hire sub contractors or installers to do the work at your home.

Many times home owners will ask my opinion how long something will last. My opinion is rooted in experience which is rooted in averages. I don't possess any 'real' fortune telling skills. I use proper tools for the job and so should you.

Some people prefer sugar coating because of the brashness that truth reveals. I'm not in the candy making business either. If you think I am going to apologize for the truth stop right here. Let's save you some time and me as well. (Time is worth more than money)

Why Doesn't My AC Cool Enough

Air conditioning is a science of rejecting heat or if you prefer taking heat out of the structure and putting it outside. The absence of heat is a 'cooling effect' --- but it's not really 'cool' --- just less heat.

When heat is removed from water, this is what happens...

The reason your AC may not keep up, is the over abundance of heat and a lack of cooling capacity or the ability to remove the proper amount of heat so that you can feel that 'cool' that isn't really cool, just less heat. This isn't being said to try to confuse you. You've been tricked all these years into thinking that 'cool' exists. Heat moves from hot to areas of less heat. So you have this constant battle being fought at your home everyday to make or keep your house cool. Err, less heated. This is where sizing 'partly' comes into the equation. But it must be measured otherwise bad things will occur if it's not measured appropriately. What is appropriately? Other things that effect capacity (or sizing) of an AC system: age of the system, out door temperature, dirt in the system (proper air flow or restrictions of that air flow), air or contaminants in the refrigeration circuit, improper refrigerant and / or improper charge of refrigerant, design characteristics such as refrigerant piping, duct work, returns, return placement, sizing, failure of certain refrigerant parts, insulation of the structure, duct work and so on.

Copper lines leading to your AC condenser should never freeze. (shown in picture above)

So as you can see this situation can be a complex problem to correct. The system must be checked in person by a well trained air conditioning professional. Otherwise the odds of getting to the point of a solution is often fleeting.

Thank you for visiting the #1 AC Blog in Katy, Texas. You will always need a good AC repair man... no AC brand is immune to failure.

Use a pro, it's the only way to go in this heat. If you reside in my service area, I could be your service provider.

About the author of this blog:

My name is Ray Austin. I am the owner and operator of Austin Air Companie, a Ray Austin HVAC Service Company serving Katy, Texas | Cypress, Texas | Richmond, Texas and some surrounding areas. I am a Texas Licensed HVAC Contractor (TACLB28416E) with over 25 years experience in Air Conditioning and Heating Systems as of the time this #1 Katy Texas AC blog post was written. I hold an AOS degree in HVAC/R, EPA universally certified to handle any refrigerant and NATE certified in HVAC installations and repairs. I also own and operate a home rental business. I know real estate!

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