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Selecting New Air Conditioning Equipment For Your Home

If you're reading this HVAC topic from my Katy, Texas air conditioning blog then you are likely in process of determining and or selecting new HVAC equipment for your home.

This HVAC subject is full of pot holes, myths, half truths and in some cases out right lies. It really comes down to what you believe and what if anything you can find that points you to the path of true clarity. If you select just any brand, it may only become apparent that you made a mistake in that selection a mere 3 years later. That would not be good would it? That's the whole purpose of this blog post.

First let me tell you this air conditioning blog topic is not 'really' intended to bash products, they bring it on themselves with their own gimmick based advertising, geared to be misleading if not treacherous.

If it appears that I am overly bashing one particular brand this is most likely misconstrued. My intent here is to provide you information based on 'MY' personal experience as a Texas Licensed HVAC contractor with 24 years experience as of March 2019. The HVAC brand information I provide here should enable you to make up your own mind. The claim that one brand is ultimately better than another brand is untrue. I know that's not what you want to hear though. You want to be led by the hand to the air conditioning promise land of no problems, no troubles. I am a repair man first. If I can't repair it and fix it that house of cards would fall pretty quick.

You see I have a multitude of choices placed in front of me in how I want to run and operate my HVAC Service and Repair company serving Katy, Cypress, Richmond, Texas and some surrounding areas.

Because I am a legal and licensed HVAC service & repair company I can select and become a 'dealer' of any HVAC brand of my choosing. However, because this is big business the brand I choose to be the dealer of wants me to commit to a number in thousands of dollars to sell annually. This number varies from one HVAC brand to another.

Typically the commitment on the low end is $50,000 a year in new HVAC equipment. These are typically non compete type arrangements. Think about that for a minute or two.

I can tell you I sell no where near $50K a year a in HVAC equipment. I am a small 1 man HVAC company built around 'service' & repair. If all I had was Air Conditioning installation knowledge, my HVAC company would be in deep trouble if what I installed for you has technical problems. If you don't use a licensed HVAC repair pro, you could be in deep trouble. I have no desire to 'sell you' I am here primarily for 'service'. The best service money can buy at any price because of the one providing it.

I can't be all things to all people. I run a paid for service business. If your stance is to hire me because you think you know something, there is no reason for you to call me. My methods are my methods for a reason. Example 24 years in this business. If you know what I know, you don't need me. I can't be any more clear than that. If you don't like that, I couldn't possibly help you.

To help you more clearly understand this air conditioning brand selection subject to it's fullest potential, I provide you this repair video which also demonstrates a big point in all of this 'brand selecting' and reasons behind it.

HVAC Cost of Ownership

So if you watched the Trane AC video embedded above you should have a better idea of what I mean in all of this. Realize these opinions are based on my experience of 24 years of actually working on and repairing all brands of HVAC equipment.

I know what I know, because I have installed, repaired, fixed, redesigned, retro fitted HVAC systems to work. The failures I do experience are very low and regardless of brand I install personally rarely hit above 2%. This figure means 2 equipment failures per 100 installed. Maintenance related failures are not included. You must have the equipment properly maintained and this requirement can vary significantly depending on a long list of various factors associated with the property in question.

Any HVAC brand can work. Just as much as any HVAC brand can break.

With that said, you use a pro for what they know right? Because knowledge is power, that power of knowledge can help you. Realize again I say this from my own experience. The person authoring this blog post is the same person in all the videos, the person who will run the service call when you call me. Call Ray at 832-475-6895 you must reside in my service area. I do not trouble shoot air conditioning systems over the phone.

Which all of this leads me to my next point in terms of failures and cost of ownership.

AC Repair Time

Cost of ownership isn't just dollars and cents. Air conditioners always break at the worst possible time (any brand). The worst possible time for you. Not me, I've been doing this 24 years remember? I know what heat, dirt, improper or lack of maintenance can do to an air conditioner when the summer heat wave comes. I am about as prepared as I can be short of demand of these types of calls.

Call Ray, the AC repairman 832-475-6895

While I can reduce your risk of AC failure, I can not prevent it 100%. No one can.

That's going to leave a mark!
Lightning can cause extensive damage

The other reference in Time is that people mistakenly do not put a value on their time. Time on this rock (earth) is limited, your time is not promised. Why on earth would you want to waste what time you have waiting?

The other cost is the required part that is required to fix your air conditioner that is provided by the distributor that sells that brand. I buy these parts from a local physical store. Would you honestly want to wait up to two weeks in 90 degree heat for a part to be shipped? Time. What is it worth to you?

This is an important part of HVAC brand selection. Would you honestly pick a AC brand that you can't get parts for?

But often times this is what we do because of various promises of one manufacturer over another. You want to really know what the best AC system is?

The air conditioning brand (any) that is closest to my house where I operate my Katy, Texas HVAC service business from. I have close to 5 different AC distributors to chose from. Access to parts when those brands do fail.

They all fail remember? But people don't like to hear this. They want to believe there is some better ac brand with no problems. My summer depends upon you having AC break downs. You will, there is no myth in that. It may not be this year or next, but at the worst possible time. It happens every year to more than just a few people.

NOTE: If you want special functions in your HVAC solution like: higher efficiency, dehumidification features, high end control features, better product warranty terms these choices are only offered by major name brand names. These systems will be more complicated to install, service as well as repair when they break. Just because a system is high end or low end does not mitigate any break down risk.


Things rarely go 100% right on any new HVAC installation. Another reason to use a air conditioning pro with lengthy repair experience.

This video above does best to describe why I have all this time to write blogs, make lengthy complicated videos to show you that you can have faith in what I say is accurate and true.

This is the internet, be careful what you consider to be accurate information. There are dangerous places on the internet in relation to HVAC information that is inaccurate, misleading and in some cases out right lies.

Here's another example of advertising gimmickry: Carrier's advertising moniker 'Turn to the Experts'

The video embedded below demonstrates why Carrier is an amateur and I am the expert. I can help you choose wisely. There is no perfect HVAC brand. I've installed nearly all of them over the past 24 years. Things have dramatically changed over the past 10 years. We don't even use the same refrigerant any more (new equipment).

Air Conditioning Repair

AC repair is my biggest most important job. Because without extensive HVAC repair knowledge, knowing what to do is only half as important as knowing 'what NOT to do' in regards to repairing your HVAC system. If you do what you should not do, you may damage the HVAC system so bad that replacement of the HVAC system is the best option.

So maybe you stumbled on this Katy, Texas air conditioning blog only needing an AC repair or maybe your HVAC system needs some professional maintenance performed?

You've come to the right place for AC repairs in an around Katy, Texas: Call Ray Austin 832-475-6895

I can help you reduce your air conditioning break down risk. Sign up for my 2 times a year HVAC maintenance contract service. I'll call you when it's time to have your system 'professionally' serviced. I am not a maintenance man. I am a licensed HVAC contractor with 24 years experience. Maintenance men make mistakes all the time, because they simply do not have the experience.

The bi annual maintenance plan I offer has a wide variety of benefits, discounts on repairs, discounts on HVAC equipment replacement and more.

You're at the home of better. WELCOME HOME.

Thank you for visiting with me today! As always, I hope your day is comfortable.

About the author of #1 Katy, Texas AC blog:

My name is Ray Austin. I am the owner and operator of Austin Air Companie, a professional HVAC Service Company serving Katy, Texas | Cypress, Texas | Richmond, Texas and some surrounding areas. I am a Texas Licensed HVAC Contractor with 24 years experience in Air Conditioning and Heating Systems. I hold an AOS degree in HVAC/R, EPA universally certified to handle any refrigerant and NATE certified in HVAC installations and repairs.

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